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Advantages of a Digital Book Reader

Advantages of a Digital Book Reader

While physical books printed on paper will probably never go away for good, there is no doubt that digitally formatted books are becoming more and more popular. Digital books (also known as e-books) are simply books that can be read with a digital book reader (sometimes referred to as an e-reader) or on your computer. There are several reasons why e-books can be the better choice. In this article we will look at some of those reasons, as well as a few things to look for in a digital reader.

Over the past couple years, an increasing number of digital book readers have been sold. One of the reasons for this is that the technology has improved. The readers are smaller than ever, weigh less, have longer lasting batteries, and they are much easier to read. That last point is pretty important when it comes to reading books on a hand held device.

Most digital readers allow the user to change the font size, depending on their personal preference. This is something that simply can’t be done with books printed on paper. However, the E-Ink technology used on some readers does an excellent job of replicating the experience of reading words on paper. When all is said and done, a digital book reader is a nice way to read books. But, as you will see, it gets better.

E-readers allow you to directly download titles from the internet. And the good news is that some of these readers do not require you to sign a wireless contract, or even pay extra to connect for the purpose of downloading e-books. The coverage is good and the downloads are pretty fast.

The newest generation of e-readers have made some remarkable advances over previous models. The units are getting smaller, without sacrificing the size of the viewing screen. They are also lighter, making them easier to carry around. Even if you happen to get an older model, it will still be much more convenient than lugging stacks of physical books with you wherever you go.

So, just how many books can an digital book reader hold? Anywhere from about 200 to 3,500 (depending on model and how old it is). Can you imagine trying to take even a fraction of that many books with you on vacation?

Another consideration to think about is the availability of titles you will have access to. It wasn’t all that long ago when Amazon boasted 200,000 titles for those who owned their e-reader called the Kindle. But now that the newest version of the Kindle has been announced, the number of titles has jumped to over 650,000 and that doesn’t include over 1,000,000 titles that are in the public domain. Needless to say, there are e-books for every taste.

As you will be not normally plug an e-reader into an outlet to be able to read it, it’s important to look at any unit’s battery power. Again, where an older digital book reader had a battery that may have lasted 10 to 20 hours, the newest models can last for weeks, though battery life will decrease the more you use the wireless connection. Either way, e-readers are here to stay, and are a convenient way to read books in a small package.