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Alaska Ski Vacations

Alaska Ski Vacations

Alaska, which has always been a source of awe and

mystery, has some of the best skiing in the world,

and the Alyeska Resort is one of the finest resorts

in the state. With a top elevation of 2751 feet and a

2501 vertical drop, the area gets an average of 631

inches of snow annually.

Although this is some of the best skiing in the world,

you won’t find the slopes overly crowded, and there

are no long lift lines. There are nine lifts, including

six chair lifts and two surface lifts, and one cable

car line. There are 68 trails for beginners,

intermediates, and experts, with the majority of the

trails designed for intermediate skiers.

Night time skiing is allowed, which makes your ski

experience more adventurous and thrilling. You will

see snow capped mountains, hanging glaciers, and

of course, the famous Northern Lights. This resort is

ranked number nine of the top twenty-five killer ski

trips by Skiing Magazine.

The season begins at the Alyeska Resort in mid

November, and runs through mid April. This area of

Alaska boasts the longest daytime areas in the

United States, with approximately sixteen hours of

daylight each day during April. During December,

however, there are only about seven hours of daylight

which makes night time skiing necessary if you

are going to get in the time that you want to spend

on the slopes.

The Alyeska Prince Hotel is the place to stay! Here

you will enjoy elegant rooms and fine dining. Nightly

entertainment is available as well. There are other

nightlife spots in the area as well, that are not

associated with the Hotel.

If tubing interests you, then visiting the Glacier

Tubing Park is an absolute must! Featuring two

lanes of terrain and a surface lift, everyone in the

family will enjoy spending time at the tubing park.

The Alyeska Terrain Park is a must for

snowboarding enthusiasts. Other winter activities

that can be enjoyed in and around the Alyeska

Resort include flight seeing, helisking, ocean

cruising tours, dog sledding, ice climbing, back

country skiing, mountaineering, and polar bear


At the Alyeska Resort, the ultimate winter vacation

can be experienced. Brave the elements, then return

to the Hotel for some pampering. Get a taste of what

Alaska is really like, and what skiing is meant to be!

There are activities for the entire family to enjoy, and

there are many area sights and attractions to be

enjoyed as well. This really is an awesome winter

family ski vacation!

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