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Ancient Wonders Revealed on Guided Tours of Greece

Ancient Wonders Revealed on Guided Tours of Greece

Greece, the mysterious island of the ancients, is on the list of desired guided tours of many seasoned travelers. There

are scores of archeological sites to visit in Greece and extended guided tours will take you out to one or more of Greece’s

several Mediterranean islands. So sign up for a tour and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Most guided tours of Greece will begin in Athens, the capital city of Greece and a nice city to fly into. You’ll often

stay in Athens for a few days and take day trips in and around this fabulous city. Within the city itself, there is much

to see, including the famous Acropolis and a tour of the magnificent Athens museum. Visitors can spend all day wandering

the halls of this lovely museum, taking in the many artifacts from ancient Greece that are housed there.

Travel from Athens and visit the famed Theatre of Epidaurus, known for its amazing acoustics. Guided tours of the area may

then take you to the town of Nauplion and on to Mycenae, where you’ll see some important archeology and visit the tomb of

Agamemnon. After seeing these wonderful archeological sites, you’ll travel on to Olympia, passing through the towns of

Tripolis and Megalopolis. Practically everywhere you look, there will be archeological ruins and something to see.

In Olympia, guided tours of the area will take you to the site of the original Olympic Games in ancient times. You can put

your feet into the same toeholds that ancient athletes used for sprinting. You’ll see the ancient Olympic stadium and the

Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus along with an informative archeological museum, where you can learn about the early Olympic Games.

After taking in all of the Olympic ruins, guided tours will often drive you through the plains of Eliad and Achaia and

through the awesome bridge crossing the Corinthian Bay. Eventually, you will arrive at the ancient and famous city of

Delphi. Most guided tours will have you stay overnight in the city of Delphi.

In Delphi, guided tours of the area will give you a chance to visit the archeological site located there as well as the

Museum of Delphi. From there, you will travel on to the village of Kalambaka, the site of some gigantic rocks known as

the Meteora. Nearby, you can visit age old monasteries, complete with pieces of ancient Byzantine artwork. Afterward,

you will likely head back to Athens for another adventure-that of the islands near Greece.

In Athens, guided tours of the islands around Greece will allow you to get onto a lovely cruise ship, where your first

stop will likely be Mykonos. A pearl in the Mediterranean Sea, Mykonos is known for being the vacation site for

international jet-setters who enjoy its sandy beaches and memorable nightlife.

Perhaps the next port of call on many guided tours of this area is the Turkish port of Kusadasi. You can visit one of the

most complete ancient cities ever to be excavated, the city of Ephessos, where St. Paul was first arrested and then banished.

Later, you will arrive in Patmos, another terrific spot for archeological and Biblical spots.

Other spectacular islands many guided tours of this area will take you are the islands of Crete and Santorini, believed by

some to be the lost continent of Atlantis. Enjoy the spectacular views and the ocean sunshine for, before long, you’ll be

sailing back to Athens and to your home port of call.