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Beach Camping Southern California Vacation-Time To Enjoy Nature

Beach Camping Southern California Vacation-Time To Enjoy Nature

Where do you want to go next? What adventure are you yet to try this time? If you are currently thinking of a South California vacation, why not consider beach camping? In fact, the state has all the best beach camping sites in the entire United States! Known as the sunny state, California boasts of a fine weather and conducive temperature that every tourist is sure to fall in love with. Outdoor activities are best held when you get to stay in the beautiful shorelines.

Beach camping is a great way of spending time with friends or family members. Just imagine yourself waking up with the ocean breeze filling your lungs. Take a look at how the sun sets over the Pacific. Isn’t it a wonderful scenario to witness? Swim simultaneously in the vast blue ocean and snuggle together as you have the campfire at night with your hotdogs and mallows.

A Fun and Exciting Vacation

For those who love new things and new adventures, beach camping is an option to consider. Sports enthusiasts and a bunch of thrill seekers love to camp on the shorelines of the Southern California beaches. Among the activities to do include jet skiing, sailing, surfing, swimming, and kite boarding. Surfers will be delighted to spend a couple of days at San Onofre beach. It is the place known for the Trestles Beach surf break. Bikers can also take pleasure in their exploration of the Bolsa Chica. Diving, boating, and fishing are best done in the historic pier of Gaviota Beach.

Planning for a Camping Experience

Generally, nature lovers are the ones who prefer to try beach camping on their vacation. However, first timers can likewise do so for the sake of experiencing how it feels like to go back to the basics. Imagine forgetting about the modern amenities that you have been used to for a number of days. While there are national parks and state parks that accommodate campers all year round, a stay at the shorelines provides another new set of experience.

Aside from swimming and doing other water sports, hiking or trekking is another option to think of. You need to plan out your choice of activities because some treks require licenses.

To maximize your stay, you can see for yourself the protected wilderness of South California. Go to the so-called haven for hikers. Hike towards Point Mugu that is nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains. Enjoy the views and try out the challenging trails. Birdwatchers will certainly love going to the McGrath campgrounds. The wetlands of Bolsa Chica likewise promise an exciting way of spending your entire vacation.

For the Honeymooners

Of course honeymooners are not likely to settle for beach camping but it is also another romantic adventure. The breathtaking ocean sceneries and sunsets are among those that lovers should not fail to see. Santa Barbara beaches have areas meant for the newlyweds.

Overall, a beach camping South California vacation lets you save much money. You don’t have to pay for hundreds of dollars for your stay at a hotel. You get to enjoy much of what nature has to offer and live in peace and calmness for a few days. Tent camping by the beach nevertheless eases your worries and tensions. It lets you forget all your daily stressors.