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Disneyland Surprises For Yourself and Loved Ones

Disneyland Surprises For Yourself and Loved Ones

If you would like to surprise someone who will be

traveling with you to Disneyland, you can easily do

this by using the Disneyland Vacation Planning

Service. This service has many different services that

can be performed for you, but one of the best ones is

the Surprise service.

Simply contact the Vacation Planning department,

and tell them who the surprises will be for, which

Resort hotel you will be staying at and what your

budget is for the surprises. You will also need to tell

them when you would like the surprise deliveries to

be made, and what type of gifts you are interested in.

They will also want to know who the favorite Disney

character is of the person that you want to surprise.

After providing all of this information, your credit card

information will be required. You can be sure that the

amount charged to your credit card will not exceed

your surprise budget that you have set. This is a great

way to add more value to your Disney experience, and

to constantly experience great anticipation of the next

surprise to come!