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Electronic Book reader

Electronic Book reader

New technologies have brought many changes to our society. One of the most interesting, at least to an avid reader, is the advent of digital books, or ebooks. These are simply digital versions of a book and with advances in the technology used to read them, electronic book reader, you can use one device to browse, pick out, pay for, download, and read your book, all in just a matter of minutes.

Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers in the world, was the company that first started the widespread use of digital books. They have developed a book reader, they call it a Kindle, that is one of several different electronic readers on the market today.

The Kindle enables the user to pick out their books from Amazon and have them downloaded and ready to read in a few minutes. The Kindle comes equipped with Whispernet, which is a network that runs off of the Sprint network.

This means that anyone who is using a Kindle, can access the internet anywhere there is wireless service. Which would be virtually anywhere in the country.

You don’t need to sign up for Sprint, or any other carrier for that matter, it comes as a standard feature on your kindle.

When shopping for a book reader you do have to keep in mind that Amazons Kindle isn’t the only reader on the market. There are many other brands to choose from and you should look over the different models to find the one that has the best features for you and your lifestyle.

Most readers will cost between $250 and $399. The readers are usually around 10 ounces and about 7.5″x 5.3″. As you can see from the dimensions, they are small and lightweight which makes it very convenient.

Readers have an average screen size of about 6″ diagonal.

The amount of titles available does differ between one company and another. The number of titles you can choose from can range from 60,000 on the low side, all the way up to over 150,000 on the high side. That’s a lot of books, all right in the palm of your hand, your own virtual library.

Readers can hold between 300 to over 1,000 book titles and some models have the capacity to add external memory of up to 16GB. That’s a lot of books!

Many, but not all, book readers have wireless capabilities that will not only allow you to download books, but also check out blogs, online newspapers, and popular magazines.

You can buy a Kindle right on Amazon, you may also be able to find other brands on Amazon as well. These units are in high demand so if you’re planning on buying one as a gift or for an upcoming vacation, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute or you might find that they are out of stock.

Using an electronic book reader is a great way to enjoy modern technology while enjoying a good book. What a great combination.