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Enjoy Paradise Via Your Maui Timeshare

Enjoy Paradise Via Your Maui Timeshare

Hawaii has obvious attractions with the fantastic weather, incredible coast etc. On islands like Maui, timeshare investment has been big business for decades.

Are you making the most of your Maui timeshare though? Some owners of these vacation units happily travel to Hawaii every year as they cannot get enough of the sun and lifestyle. It does have something for everyone from sailing, fishing, surfing, scuba diving and golfing. You are spoilt for choice and having something to do during your vacation is never an issue.

There is also plenty to do for those of us who prefer to stay out of the water -why anyone would want to go swimming in a sharks eating bowl is totally beyond me! Did you know that over 40 species of shark live in the waters off Hawaii. Ok, I know that only 15 people have been killed by sharks since World War 11 and I have more chance of winning the world lottery but hello! You don’t know my luck – I would be the one getting in just as Mr Tiger Shark decided he was hungry! I have issues getting into the deep end of the pool – I think I may have watched Jaws a little too often when I was younger.

But I could lie on the beach all day long reading my favorite book enjoying the odd little cocktail. so I so wish I was there now!

But sometimes even paradise can lose its attraction and you may fancy a new destination. Personally I don’t have a thing for skiing but friends of mine get withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their annual dose of snow. So they exchange their week in their Maui timeshare for a week at a ski lodge.

That is the beauty of owning a Maui condo – it is the perfect spot for weddings, honeymoons etc and so is very much in demand on the exchange system. We have had offers of two weeks and more in return for our 7 days in Hawaii. You can also get earn a nice little sum if you rent your week out instead of arranging an exchange.

Plus if you ever want to sell your vacation home, the resale market is very strong too.

On that note, perhaps you don’t yet own a condominium in Maui? Timeshares are slowly losing their bad reputation as more people realise that with proper investigation, buying a resale unit could be the ticket to worldwide travel. When buying resale properties you still need to do your research. Chose locations like Hawaii or Florida and try and buy a unit managed by big names such as Four Seasons, Hilton, Hyatt or Marriott. These companies are perceived to be attached to luxury accommodation making your vacation home more attractive.

Now all that is left to do is to persuade the powers that be, to give us similar holiday entitlement to that enjoyed by our European neighbours and we can all head off to our Maui timeshare.