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European Rentals: Your Extra Special Vacation

European Rentals: Your Extra Special Vacation

If you’re traveling to Europe on vacation, you might consider staying in European rentals instead of hotels for an extra special touch. Choosing rentals instead of the standard hotel can add a special touch to your vacation. It will certainly set it apart from any other holidays you’ve had.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in European hotels. Some of the finest hotels in the world are in Europe, and in cities like Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Rome. Even smaller cities across the dozens of independent countries have top quality, elite hotels for you to enjoy on your travels.

These hotels offer the height of convenient, the finest amenities available and the type of luxury you will probably enjoy and appreciate. So if you’re looking for fine accommodations with service personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a fine hotel in Europe may be the right choice for you.

But something not everyone does when visiting is to choose to stay in a European rental. Rentals are places you can stay in which you pay rent to stay there. Not unlike paying to stay in a hotel room, you pay so much per night or one price for a package of several nights.

The difference comes in when you look at the accommodations and your privacy. Europe rentals can be anything from a villa to a sprawling castle. You could rent an apartment, a farmhouse or a cottage for your vacation stay.

Villas are among the most popular European rental choices. These villas are gorgeous places to stay that you don’t share with other people, as with a hotel. You have the villa to yourself. It could be seaside or deep in the country, away from everyone, to give you a true quaint, country vacation.

The location of the villa can be your choice as far as what you want to experience. And if you can find one with a pool, it’s like having your own private pool. No other hotel guests to worry about. Swim whenever you like!

Another benefit to a Europe rental villa is that you don’t have to be kept awake at night by noisy guests in the next room. Nor do you have to worry about disturbing anyone in the next room if you’re a bit of a night owl. It’s also considered a little bit safer by some because no one will come into your room during the day.

Of course, that means you’ll give up having maid service, in most cases. So you pick up after yourself, but you get excellent privacy in exchange. And you can cook in the villa if you choose, or eat your meals out.

European rentals can also by farmhouses, cottages and even rooms in castles. There’s certainly nothing ordinary about taking a vacation and staying in a grand, old castle. So choose your Europe rental according to your likes and the type of vacation you’re taking, and you’ll have one more great memory of your vacation.