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Free Las Vegas Experiences

Free Las Vegas Experiences

If you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas then chances are that you have no further to look than the very hotel that you’re staying at. Not just the casinos are the best things to do while visiting Las Vegas, however, they do account for a lot of the different experiences that many people take while visiting the casino scene. Nevertheless, there are also some important activities to consider if you’ve come to Las Vegas to experience all the magic and mystery without digging to deep in your wallet. Everyone always loves freebies and there are some important ones to check out whether you are in Las Vegas to stay or whether you’ve just checked in for the weekend:

The Mirage Hotel Tigers

More famously known for it’s name and claim to luxury and charm, the Mirage Hotel also has one of the most interesting white tiger exhibits throughout the United States. Whatever your goal, chances are that you’ve at least heard of the tigers that can be seen as this hotel. In fact, though, these just aren’t any tigers that are roaming throughout the hotel, but they’re White Bengal Tigers that anyone can get a glimpse of whether staying at the hotel or not. Other than experiencing the White Bengals at the Mirage, though, there is also a bunch of other wildlife that can be experienced at this hotel. All it takes is one step in the front door and you’ll soon realize what all the hype and majestic feeling is about that’s associated with the Mirage.

Casino Hopping

Even though you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet to play any of the Las Vegas slot machines, there is always fun to be had by going from casino to casino to experience the whole Las Vegas vacation. In addition many of these casinos are just right down the block from each other, which makes experiencing the whole gambling and poker scene a real possibility.

Neon Museum

Even though taking a trip to the museum isn’t something that you probably thought about beforehand when planning your trip to Las Vegas, there is the all-famous Las Vegas Neon Museum that must be visited. The Neon Museum is a favorite attraction for a whole lot of people that has plenty of neon signs to enjoy. These neon signs, though, just aren’t any old signs: they’re truly relics of old hotels that housed plenty of other attractions with flashing bright neon signs to look and feast your eyes on. The Neon Museum is also part of the Fremont Street Experience, though, so it makes sense that everyone would visit it when they have the chance.

Whatever your goal when you come to Las Vegas, though, you are certainly not without opportunities to check out the amazing scenes of all the hotels and casinos that can be experienced. Free experiences are truly valued, too, and Las Vegas certainly is not without them in order to give everyone a great time!