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Getting The Best Out Of Your Indian Vacation

Getting The Best Out Of Your Indian Vacation

Going for an Indian vacation would be one the greatest experience of your life. India is a very diverse country offering tourists different places to enjoy and a different culture you can immerse to. You can choose to have a hot vacation escapade or a cold and snowy extravaganza. Some tourists would say that India “assaults” the visitor’s senses. Giving every tourist a shock and delight, at the same time.

There are streets in India that just shows how mad and how exciting it is to be in India. There are instances that you would be seeing a bi-polar India, a conservative tradition and modern conveniences and practices. There are some places where water, electricity and other necessities are not easily available, but there are also commercialized areas which display vacation in luxury.

Indian is fast becoming a tourist hot spot. There are studies showing that India as one of the top five tourist locations worldwide. If you have decided to spend a wonderful vacation in India, then there are things that should not be missed that would make you stay unforgettable.

There are places that you must visit like the desert of Thar where you get to experience not only about heat of the desert but the old mansions, stone cities and forts, camel safaris and fairs, and even experience local shopping. Aside from the desert and beach, wildlife is also among the most popular stops during an Indian vacation. A diverse geographical country, you can experience India in many ways, whether it is mountain climbing, trekking, wildlife viewing and other eco activities.

Cultural and heritage sights are a must. You should never miss the chance to see the majestic Taj Mahal and other monuments, the temples and other architectural and historical marvels for a very old civilization.

If you are a first-time traveller in India and is not confident to walk around the streets of India, then you could consider local tours. There are tour agencies and companies in India which organize a special interest tour. Special interest tour can be about cultural visits, a yoga tour or a Indian cuisine tour. It could also include travels to villages and wildlife tours. You can check with the hotel concierge about it, because there are times when the hotel will have a contact with local tour agencies.

Among the must-dos during an Indian vacation would be fabric buying. In India there are many fabrics like silk which can be brought by tourists. There are also souvenirs that you can buy that you can give to loved-ones left at home, like items made out of wood, marble, copper, bronze and bamboo. Just be ready to bargain when buying items. But be aware or avoid buying items that came from animals since that is illegal. The same goes if you would like to buy items which are more than 100 years old, they are considered antique and would need a permit.

There are different local, established and flea markets which you can do your shopping. It usually lasts from 9:30 in the morning until 6 o’clock in the evening, from Monday to Saturday. But it would be sure to ask a local or the hotel concierge about the market schedule. Just don’t forget to bring your camera, comfortable clothes and necessary medicines like insect spray and you would be ready to have the best Indian vacation.