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Go Down Under with Guided Tours of Eastern Australia

Go Down Under with Guided Tours of Eastern Australia

For those interested in outdoor fun and a look at life in the Southern Hemisphere, guided tours of the East Coast of

Australia are the best choices in family fun and adventure. Go as a couple, join a tour group solo or take your entire

family to this amazing and wonderful part of our world.

Most guided tours of this part of the country begin by having you fly into Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales.

Visit Sidney’s famed opera house with its unique and lovely architecture, snap a picture of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and

visit one of several local beaches for a quick swim, some sun tanning or for people watching.

Leave Sydney via the Harbour Bridge. Guided tours of Eastern Australia will often take you up the coast through Taree,

where you can visit a koala breeding park and koala sanctuary. There are many beach-side accommodations for you to have a

beach barbecue and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves.

Guided tours of Eastern Australia will often take you to Australia’s most easterly point on Byron Bay. Visit the relaxing

Surfers Paradise and enjoy the relaxing scenery near the ocean and away from any big cities.

One of most common stops on guided tours of Eastern Australia is Moreton Island. You’ll need to take a ferry boat to get

to the island but, once there, you can spend up to two days on the world’s largest sand islands, riding four wheel drive

vehicles and staying in authentic fisherman’s cottages. You will be able to explore deserted beaches, go sand toboggan

riding on the island’s sand dunes, explore old shipwrecks and swim in the crystal clear waters of the island’s lagoons.

After a wonderful time on Moreton Island, guided tours of Eastern Australia will take you further up north and you’ll

enter the tropical area of Rockhampton. After that, you’ll cross the famous Tropic of Capricorn and perhaps your tour

will take you to Arlie Beach, the dropping off point to the Whitsunday Island Group where you’ll likely enjoy a sailing

trip or take a picturesque island cruise. Some visitors will choose to travel on a fast sailing yacht, while others will

catch a launch that will have an underwater observatory. Most likely, you’ll stay at a magnificent island resort.

Many guided tours of Eastern Australia will take you further north after your visit to the Whitsunday Islands and you can

spend a couple of days at Mission Beach. There are numerous activities in Mission Beach, including a heart-stopping white

water rafting tour, sea kayaking tours or a more leisurely boating tour out to Dunk Island. Explore the rainforest during

guided tours of the area or try tandem sky-diving for some real adventure. Visitors can even just take in a suntan at the

beach. There’s something for everyone.

Guided tours of Eastern Australia would be remiss if they didn’t take you over to claims for a day-long guided tour sailing

on the Outer Barrier Reef. Visitors can try their hand at scuba diving, snorkeling and feeding the fish in and around the

gorgeous coral reefs that have become the focal point of many guided tours of this area. It’s truly a memorable experience.

Guided tours of Eastern Australia offer the very best Australia has to offer, from the city to the beauty of its lovely

ocean. Many guided tours are very affordable and most offer something for everyone to do.