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Indian Vacation Travel Tips

Indian Vacation Travel Tips

An overseas vacation is a great experience, you would have a chance to have a cultural immersion and at the same time a chance to experience the wonderful sights. But an overseas vacation is not always a perfect one, let’s take an example of an Indian vacation.

India is melting pot of different sights, activities and could be shocking for a first-time visitor. It would surely leave an impression on every tourist. It would be a question to make your vacation in India one of the wonderful experiences. There are some things that a tourist going to India should be conscious of.

Before Departure

Regardless of any country you will be going to, you have to know about the climate of that country. For example, if you vacation would be in South India then climates are hotter and ideal if you would like to have a summer escapade. However, if you prefer going to the north then be prepared for a cooler climate. Make sure that you would be adopting the clothes you will be bringing to the climate you will be experiencing. Do a little research.

Another thing that you should prepare for is regarding your health. Although, India does not have any immunization requirements from those who come from North America or any other country, it would be better to be prepared. India is prone to disease like malaria, cholera, gastroenteritis and dengue. It would also be for the best if you have polio, typhoid and tetanus vaccinations.

Be sure to include insect repellent like a mosquito cream or lotion. There are modern hospitals in India, so there would be nothing to worry about hospitalization. But you do not want to spend your vacation confined in a hospital, right?

Regarding passport and visa information, the passport should remain valid at least for the next six months after arrival in India. For those who are part of a multiple entry tour, then multiple entry visa is recommended. When packing, also pack light. You do not have to bring everything since most things are already available in India.

Landing on India

Once you are in India, you will surely be bombarded with different things to see and different people. Do not get surprised if everybody seems to be looking at you, there is no taboo about openly looking at a person. You could dry dressing conservatively or with local outfit, this would lessen the attention, just a bit, you are getting. Locals tend to be talkative and friendly, they would try to engage you in a conversation. Answer politely, but they would respect your privacy and would not ask personal questions.

Homosexuality and associated acts are not well illegal in India, so do avoid these. Aside from this, avoid public display of affection. There are foreigners who have a hard time with local officials because of a peck or kiss done in public. But it is common for men or women to hold hands with the same sex.

If you want to enter a temple or a church, make sure that they allow people of not the same religion to go inside. Aside from that, be sure to take of your shoes or footwear when entering a temple or religious building.

Safety and Security

There are recent bombings and terrorists in India that made some people wary about going to India for a vacation. But actually, you just have to maintain some common sense to keep you safe from these kinds of acts. If you are a woman , avoid walking the streets late at night alone. There are some cases of foreign rape and abduction, so make sure that you have a companion if you would have to leave.

Never accept things from a stranger, even if they sound they meant well. You will never know if the drink or candy is drugged. For example, there are cases that tourists would report being robbed of their belongings after they felt dizzy or disoriented after accepting food or beverage from a stranger.

There are many instances of pickpockets so make sure you keep your things safe. Avoid visiting areas that have high political tension, pay attention to local news. Aside from that avoid places that are totally dangerous, like Jammu and Kashmir which have long history of discord with Palestine.

Going Home

When you are ready to wrap up you Indian vacation, there are some last minute reminders. If you would like to buy souvenirs, then bargaining is the key. Do not accept gifts from people who are asking you to bring something for them, it might cause you trouble. Also, it is best to avoid items that would came from or made of animals like elephant tusks. If you would be taking home an item which is more than 100 years old, it is already an antique and you would need to get a permit for that.