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Square Stern Canoe – Bad Weather – Good Weather – Fun

Square Stern Canoe – Bad Weather – Good Weather – Fun

Picking out the right square stern canoe for you will require you to decide on several factors such as the length of the canoe, the materials it’s made of and where you are planning on using it. If you are planning on taking it mostly to your nearby small lake, than a light weight easy to maneuver canoe is best for you. If you plan on taking it into the backwoods for a vacation and you need room for all your camping supplies and a few friends you will need to get a much larger canoe. These things all need to be thought about before heading off down to your local outfitters to make a purchase.

Most people will opt for the narrow canoe style where it is tapered at the bow (front) and stern (rear) of the canoe. For those people who aren’t interested in shooting the rapids or racing and who would rather tool around their lake, a square stern canoe might be a better option. Having the stern squared off will make it possible for you to attach a small outboard motor. Having this option means that you can either leisurely paddle around your lake, or if you’ve lost track of time and realized it’s time for dinner and you need to get home quickly, all you need to do is start up your little outboard so you can make it across the lake in no time at all.

This can also be a life saver if the weather turns and you are out in the middle of no where and need to get back home quickly. Of course, even if you have a square stern canoe you don’t have to have or use an outboard, you can still easily paddle your canoe anywhere you want to go, having the square stern just gives you you a few more options and allows you to travel longer distances in much less time.

Of course there are still other options for you to consider such as what the canoe is constructed of as well as the overall length and the shape of the hull. If you are looking for a canoe for family camping trips you would want one that is big enough to accommodate the whole clan but also stable enough to provide security when the kids all jump up at once to look at the ‘pretty fishy’.

If you are a fishing enthusiast you will want s stable canoe that can easily hold all your gear and the day’s catch, flat bottom might be the best option for you.

As a boating enthusiast myself, I like power boats too, I like the idea of a square stern canoe, it gives me the best of both worlds. I can quietly cruise around the lake or down the river and commune with nature or I can crank up the little outboard and hurry home to cook up the batch of fish I just caught. See, the best of both worlds!