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Telescopes Mount

Telescopes Mount

As important as the telescope is to seeing the moon and stars, the telescopes mount is important in keeping the telescope steady so you can see the object you are viewing clearly. You want the mount to be sturdy and reliable so you can keep your telescope investment safe and secure.

Mounts made by Meade, Celestron and Vixen Sphinx are just a few of the many out there to choose from. Depending on what you want to use your telescope for will determine
the type of mount you buy.

For example, if you just intend to look up into the night sky and try to identify star clusters and constellations or scan the surface of the moon, you will still need a good mount to keep the telescope steady but you won’t need a heavy duty mount like that needed to take pictures through the telescope.

If you plan on taking your telescope along for vacation or on a star gazing excursion you may want to invest in an inexpensive mount that will hold the telescope steady enough to see what you want to see but be light enough for travel. It’s also a good idea to take along a less expensive mount since it could get lost or broken while you travel, no point in risking the more expensive mount.

If you want to take pictures with your telescope (called astrophotography) you will need to buy a telescopes mount that is heavy duty enough to keep your telescope as steady as possible so you get great shots of all those heavenly bodies. And I mean stars and constellations, not all the young women laying out by the pool. That could get you arrested.

Maybe you just want to keep your options open to do both or maybe you do not have a problem with the mount that came with your telescope and you simply want to have an assortment of accessories available to you for when the mood strikes your fancy. Fine, it is sometimes a good idea to be prepared for any situation that might come along.

As long as you do not put yourself in the poor house by doing it. Be sensible, do not get so caught up in your hobby to the detriment of every other thing in your life. Budget and save for the extra pieces you want to buy. Mounts are just one of many accessories you can buy for your telescope and unless you have really deep pockets you’ll need to prioritize and save.

Go online to any of the various telescope retailers and see what they have available. You might find that that special piece you have been looking for is within your budget and can pick it up for a song. You can almost always get a better deal online than off, just make sure that you only deal with reputable companies. There are so many different types to choose from, I am sure you can find something that will be adequate for you, your budget, and your telescopes mount.