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The Universal Studios Tours Special Effects Stages

The Universal Studios Tours Special Effects Stages

When you visit Universal Studios, the Special

Effects Stages is an attraction that should not be

missed. This is not only a great way to learn and

understand how special effects are done in the

movies; it is also a great deal of fun. It is really

quite interesting to see how it all comes to life in


There are three Special Effects Stages: The Virtual

Studio, The Creature Factory, and The Sound Lab.

Remember that this is an interactive attraction, so

you will be able to create your very own special

effects. You will learn many of the special effects

secrets used in major movies, such as The Hulk,

The Mummy Returns, Jurassic Park, and many

others. There are Universal Staff members

available to help with the effects.

The special effects stages are not designed for

people who have medical conditions that may be

affected by strobe lights, or anything resembling

strobe light effects. People with sensitive ears

should avoid this attraction, or bring and use

earplugs. The Special Effects Stages are located

on the lower lot at Universal Studios.

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