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Amsterdam Printing

On the rear of Abraham Singer’s Amsterdam apartment, the Amsterdam Printing saw its birth. It was first known as a one-man print shop and it was in 1925 that the company began producing bridge score pads with an advertiser’s name on each page. It is this entry that serves as an impetus for a century of growth. From then on, the Amsterdam Printing was known by many as one of the best leaders in the advertising industry.

Amsterdam Printing has long been considered by many as the excellent business partner for advertising and marketing your business, organization, or event. It is even deemed as the full-service leader and innovator in business to business direct mail and imprinted promotional products. Well, the Amsterdam Printing is worth this title for a number of reasons. One of those is the fact that since the company’s birth, they continue to serve the people with the highest quality and selection of their products. They even used an emerging technology, allowing their product line to expand. They continue to add new items in the line like vinyl covered calendars and ballpoint pens so for the people to fully enjoy their service. The company was even able to produce more and more items with the advent of computers. All phases of production skyrocketed, as well as the speed and capacity for processing orders. It is nice to know that last 2000, Amsterdam Printing was able to ship hundreds of thousands of orders due to their state of the art printing presses, hot stamping machines, as well as high-tech laser engraving equipment.

Just recently, Amsterdam Printing introduced their new original Lenticular Pen, which is a pairing of animation and fun that can be laser engraved with your company’s information. Aside from this laser engraved pen, there are some other types included in the company’s list such as plastic pens, highlighters, gel pens, pencils, patriotic pens, stick pens, bic pens, uniball, stylus, and a lot more. All of these are well-known for their great quality and style.

Aside from pens, Amsterdam Printing is also well-known for their great calendars. It has been noted that Amsterdam Printing makes it easy to provide personalized pocket planners as well as desk planners to their customers, employees, and business associates. Also, the calendars offered by the company generally make great giveaways at marketing events or as gifts.

If what you are after is customized or personalized promotional tags, Amsterdam Printing is also capable of giving you such items. The company actually offers promotion key tags that are easily customized by their experts to include the customer’s company logo, contact information, message, or anything else. In addition, they currently have the new laser engraved beverage wrench key tag, including the illusion key ring light, which is great as giveaway ideas for trade shows.

Today, Amsterdam Printing employs more than 600 people and manufactures and sells 3,000 different promotional items, and even human resource products and business forms in the United States, Canada, and Europe. With their strong dedication to their service, the company has successfully grown to become a full-service leader and innovator in business to business direct mail, as well as imprinted promotional products.