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Where Are The Disneyland Characters?

Where Are The Disneyland Characters?

A Disneyland vacation would not be complete

without the Characters that we all know and love so

well. Often, however, people leave Disneyland

disappointed simply because they never found

their favorite character. The key to finding the

characters you love is in knowing where to look for

them in the first place.

Start with the Character Breakfast. Here, you will

probably see Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow

White, Mary Poppins, Jasmine, Ariel, Minnie and

Mickey Mouse, and many others. If you miss your

favorites at the breakfast, don’t despair simply go

find them! Many characters will be on hand, right

inside the gates, to greet you as you arrive in the

morning as well.

Start in Toon Town, where all of the Disney

Characters live. Visit their homes to see if you can

get a glimpse of them. Go early, while they may still

be at home! Be sure to visit Goofy’s Kitchen as well,

since many characters pop in and out throughout the

day. If you’ve been through Toon Town, and you still

haven’t seen your favorite character, your next stop

should be Fantasyland. Different characters can be

located telling stories throughout Fantasyland.

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