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Why Take a European Holiday?

Why Take a European Holiday?

If you’ve never considered Europe as a vacation destination, it’s time to add European holiday to your list of fun possibilities. There’s something to be said for going back to your hometown each year on vacation. And certain US spots like Las Vegas and Hollywood are great spots, too. But Europe offers more than you’ve probably imagined.

European holidays let you take in so many different cultures all in one trip. Of course, you can opt to go to one country and even one city for your whole vacation. But you can also travel through many different countries on one Europe holiday.

There are benefits to both choices. If you choose to stay in one area and explore all the offerings, you’ll become more familiar with that area. You can really see some things that not every traveler sees. In Paris, for instance, you’ll hit the Eiffel Tower. But an extended vacation there will let you find those hole-in-the-wall spots that you might have missed on a short stay.

You can find the best restaurants, and try many new foods local to the area. You can find the best theaters and just walk around the city, getting it to know it better than most vacationers.

You can also pick up a lot of local culture by going to one city or country for a whole Europe holiday. By staying in essentially one place, you can even start to learn the language just be hearing it every day.

While this makes a fantastic Europe holiday, you could also choose to explore more than one country. You can explore several cities across Western Europe pretty easily on a holiday, thanks to the rail system that interconnects many of them. So you can sample a little bit from a variety of different areas and cultures.

Everyone’s heard of the Orient Express. Just riding it you can travel through different countries. Ride from Paris, France to Venice, Italy and back. See Prague, which is called one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe. All this just from a day on the rails.

You don’t have to stop at France and Italy. Go to Madrid for some Spanish culture, and visit Hamburg and Berlin in Germany. Go to Switzerland to try their world famous locally produced cheese and chocolate. Figure out what interests you and plan to enjoy it.

The important thing about a holiday in Europe is that you get to see and do the things you want. If you’re interested in a particular culture, plan a vacation where you can stay in one area and really absorb it. That’s the best way to learn about a people and their culture.

But if you’re interesting in getting as much culture and fun in as you can, a European holiday that lets you pass through many different countries is quite an experience. Though they’re in the same area, each country has its own climate, culture and flavor for you to enjoy as part of your Europe holiday.