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Be Part of the Action at Universal Studios Tours

Be Part of the Action at Universal Studios Tours

Have you ever dreamed of being on a reality show?

Here is your chance! Universal Studios Tours now

has Fear Factor Live, which is a stunt show that

uses audience volunteers. With three to five shows

each day, the chances of getting on the show are

pretty good!

Are you ready to face your fears? There are some

important things to know about Fear Factor Live at

Universal Studios Tours before you sign up. First,

this is for real. This is not a cheesy attempt to

replicate Fear Factor and please a studio audience.

The stunts are very real, and they are performed by

audience members just like you. There is no

coddling here!

If you still want to participate, simply visit the casting

office, which is located near the Terminator ride in

the theme park. You must meet certain physical

requirements to ensure that you can handle what

is about to be asked of you. You must also

complete and sign a liability form, holding Universal

Studios and Fear Factor harmless of any injuries or

damages you may incur.

Before the show begins, some audience members

who were not selected to participate are called on

stage to face smaller challenges, such as eating

various bugs. The winner of the pre-show contest

wins great prizes, such as an annual pass to the

theme park. This is followed by an audience warm

up with the hosts of the show.

The show consists of six contestants that were

chosen from the casting office if your lucky, you

might be one of these! They are dressed just as the

contestants on the original Fear Factor dress in

tight uniforms. A series of challenges, much like the

challenges on Fear Factor are presented to the

contestants. Falls from high places, skill tests, and

of course, the famous gross-out challenge. During

the show, a random audience member is picked

for yet another challenge such as sticking their

head in a tank full of scorpions.

If you’ve ever watched Fear Factor, and told all of

your friends that you could handle everything that

was thrown at those contestants, be careful. Here is

your big chance to prove yourself or your friends’

chance to prove you wrong! Win or lose, Fear

Factor Live at Universal Studios Tours could be the

highlight of your visit! If you want to be on the show,

visit the casting office as soon as you get to the

park to make sure that you meet the physical

requirements and if you don’t meet the

requirements, ask about being in the audience.

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