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Sandy Retreat: An Indian Vacation

Sandy Retreat: An Indian Vacation

More and more tourists are discovering the wonders of having an Indian vacation and the wonder of Indian beaches. India ranked 6th in the list in terms of price in “The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report” released in 2007. It is slowly becoming on of the top five hot spots in world.

The beaches in India looked very irresistible with its fine, white sand, sea and the opportunity for water sports and other activities. Aside from the pristine beaches, there are also some known locations that would offer different venues for recreation and other forms of entertainment that locals and foreign visitors would all like.

Nature has truly gifted India. Not only tourists would be able to experience fine, white sand but there are also backwaters ideal for romantic boat rides, crashing waves ideal for surfing, marine life which you can experience in diving and lava-rocked seas. India, aside from its wonderful tourist spots, is also known for its top cuisine and this manifests on different kinds of cuisine that can be found in restaurants in Indian coasts.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a region in which eight of its twenty-three districts are close to the sea. This region boasts its natural beauty pure and unspoiled by commercialism. In this region, Beemunipatnam Beach can be found which is referred to as one of the safest and finest beaches in India.

Manginapudi Beach, also in this region, does not only offer scenic swimming coastline, but they would also include a port city which is very historical, a health resort and places great for picnics. There are also beaches like the Mypad Beach which is ideal for romantic getaways and honeymoons. If you are up for the adventure, Rishikonda Beach offers different activities like water skiing and wind surfing.


The beaches in Karnataka are very rewarding to visit, too. The beach in Karnataka, just like Andhra Pradesh, is unspoilt which is part of its charm. Most beaches in Karnataka are characterized by its peaceful waters and virgin shores just like Karwar Beach and Malpe Beach.

There are also coastlines in Karnataka noted for its great views. For example, the Bhatkal Beach is noted for its temples which can be seen on the top of the hills. The Murudeshwar Beach has beautiful statues which adds to the beauty of the tourist attraction.


Kerala beaches are an image of serenity with coconut palms lining the shores. More and more tourists are being attracted with the clear blue waters and soft waves of the beaches in Kerala. There are small villages near the beach, these adds to the charm of the place making it a hospitable and warm recluse. Aside from there are also other sights that can be seen, in Kumarakom Beach, there are migratory birds that frequent the coasts which are great for bird watching enthusiasts.

An add-on to Kerala beaches would be the fresh water rivers and lakes which make up the backwaters of Kerala. There are also ports which can even give your beach vacation a historic touch. The only drive-in beach in India can also be found in Kerala, the Muzhappilangad Beach.


No beach is more popular than the beaches in Goa. Over the years, it has become the top beach destination in India. The Anjuana beach is one of the international famous coastline which line with palm trees and popular for its full moon parties. You can also experience shopping in Anjuana in its famous flea market. Bars and restaurants are also great attractions in Goa where they offer succulent dishes cooked out of fresh seafood.

The 70s and the 80s witnessed the popularity of the Calangute Beach. Currently, it became the most commercial and busy resort in Goa. If you prefer a quieter and less commercialized resort, there are smaller resorts in Bogmolo Beach, Pololem Beach and Vagator Beach.

In you are planning to have an beach escape for your Indian vacation, then there are numerous choices that would cater to your needs and your interests. There are also family beaches in India which would be able t make your family busy and thoroughly happy. If it intends to be romantic or for your honeymoon, then looking for a romantic and secluded place in India is not impossible.