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Wilderness Canoes – Be Safe While Having Fun

Wilderness Canoes – Be Safe While Having Fun

When it comes to the ultimate communing with nature vacation, few things can compare to wilderness canoes. Taking a canoe trip to an isolated mountain lake to do some fishing or camping, can be one of life’s great pleasures. But if you don’t take time to learn the proper techniques of canoing and camping your dream get away might turn into a search and rescue mission.

When you go to some beautiful, untouched wilderness areas just remember that you’re not the only living creature there, though it may seem like it. You are sharing the woods, lakes and streams with many different types of animals such as bear, moose, elk and wolves to name just a few. If you don’t know how to carefully control your canoe you may find yourself quite literally up a stream with no paddle!

To assure yourself of a relaxing, and safe trip the first thing you need to do is to take a canoing course. Now I know a lot of you will think that that is stupid advice, after all you’re just paddling a little boat, how hard can it be? Well, like anything else in the world, it seems easier to do than it actually is. Believe it or not, there is a technique to safely handle and operate a canoe. Taking a course that will teach you the basics is the best way to make sure you not only have a good time but that you return safely home.

Seemingly simple things like learning how to paddle and steer a canoe should be covered in the course. Also, the proper technique for carrying a canoe overland as well as how to safely and securely attach the canoe to your vehicle at trips end are important things that you will learn when you take wilderness canoes training.

Making sure that you pack all the necessary items to make your trip safe and comfortable is also important. Depending on how long you will be gone as well as how rugged the terrain and what the climate will be like will all determine what you should pack. Ultimately though, remember that you will need to have a wide variety of clothing options since the conditions will likely change throughout your trip.

Besides the canoing itself you should also know basic survival techniques before you set out on your adventure. Taking a course that can teach you how to read a compass, what plants are poisonous and which ones are edible, how to pick out a campsite, set up a tent, keep the bears at bay, etc. along with some basic first aid can quite literally be lifesaving, not only that, consider how cool you’ll look in front of your friends.

Most of these basic canoing and camping courses will last anywhere from a day to a weekend, the course itself can be almost as fun as your adventure. Of course, it’s important that you pick the right instructor to teach you these skills. If you trust your education to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, you might be worse off than if you didn’t take a course at all.

Heading into the great outdoors can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, by learning how to safely enjoy wilderness canoes you can make sure that even though it’s once in a lifetime it isn’t the last thing you do in this life! Have fun and be careful.