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title:A Wedding in the Bahamas

title:A Wedding in the Bahamas

author:Ester Napoli
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

Do you envision your wedding in a tropical paradise? Perhaps you see yourself exchanging vows on the warm sand beside an aquamarine sea or sailing off into the sunset with ten of your dearest friends to enjoy a wedding feast and the spectacular scenery. If such a scenario appeals to you, a Bahamas wedding can make your dream come true.
In order to be eligible for a legal Bahamas wedding, you and your partner must spend one day in the Bahamas before submitting an application for a marriage license ($100). You must provide a photo ID. If you are widowed, you are required to provide the death certificate of your spouse; if you are divorced, you must provide a document proving that you are legally divorced. You will also need to have proof of your arrival date in the Bahamas (your Bahamas Embarkation Card will do). It is recommended that you obtain a copy of your wedding certificate before you leave the Bahamas. It can be mailed to you if time is an issue but delays and complications have been frequently encountered. Once you arrive home, you will need this marriage certificate in order to obtain other legal documents.
Wedding packages are offered at most hotels and resorts in the Bahamas. Prices vary. Here are a few examples:

The Bluff House Beach Hotel located in Green Turtle Bay, Abaco, Bahamas, offers a wedding package that includes: a wedding coordinator, a wedding cake, a minister or administrator to perform the ceremony, a photographer, the bride’s bouquet and a bottle of champagne. They will also be happy to arrange for a live band and a buffet.
Small Hope Bay Lodge located in Andros Island, Bahamas, is a smaller resort consisting of 20 cottages, one of which is a honeymoon cottage. It offers a simple wedding package for $500 which includes all the necessary paper work, a cake and champagne, a video and photos. At this resort you can get married on the beach or even underwater!
Bahamas Wedding Paradise is an organization that offers several wedding packages. You can select one of their packages or design your own. Packages range in price from $360 to over $3000 (please note that Bahamas Wedding Paradise is not a hotel or a resort).

Make the wedding of your dreams a reality and start your married life in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas.