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title:All Inclusive Resort Bulletin Boards

title:All Inclusive Resort Bulletin Boards

author:John Gall
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

For those considering an all inclusive resort vacation the need for information, pictures and trip reports is urgent. All inclusive resort vacations typically run $4000-$7000 for a weeks stay at an all inclusive resort. Because of the higher upfront cost travelers needing information would prefer to get it from people who have been to the resorts vs. the resort themselves. Resort websites and brochures usually contain staged photos which have been airbrushed to perfection. Maps are not always to scale and the facts about features and quality of the resort are usually subjective. Below are links and descriptions for bulletin boards that discuss all inclusive resorts. The members are always willing to answer questions and provide pictures and information.
Pictures From Sandals Resorts Bulletin Board
This bulletin board contains discussion about Sandals Resorts with a focus on Sandals Resorts in Jamaica. The board is a section of its primary website http://www.sandalspictures.com that contains pictures and information on Sandals Negril , Sandals Whitehouse , Sandals Dunn’s River , and Sandals Ocho Rios

Tropic Travel Online
This bulletin board is run by a travel agent named Debbie. This is a full featured bulletin board featuring discussion on all Sandals Resorts and also other all inclusive resorts around the world. This site features trip reports and pictures from all inclusive resorts around the world.

Travel Talk Online
This is a bulletin board that features travel discussion from around the world. This bulletin board is not specific to all inclusive travel but contains a good amount of information on all inclusive resorts

DennyP’s Hedonism Bulletin Board
Denny P is a travel agent and Hedonism vacationer who runs this bulletin board which is geared for discussion related to Hedonism resorts in Jamaica. There is one section for “Other Resorts” but not much non-Hedonism information is featured here. If you want information on Hedonism II or III in Jamaica this is a great resource.

Bulletin boards are a great resource when looking for information on all inclusive travel. The bulletin boards above are recognized for their quality of information and helpful members. Please consider joining one and asking any questions you might have about your all inclusive vacation.