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title:Baby, It’s Cold Outside – And Dark!

title:Baby, It’s Cold Outside – And Dark!

author:William Wittmann
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

Seattle and the Puget Sound is the most sun starved metropolitan area in the US with the exception of Anchorage, Alaska, who wins the award by a rain drop. Puget Sound is renowned for having weeks on end where it rains every day. We sometimes don’t even see the sun for days.
Surely, where you live has more sun, but you would probably enjoy a trip to the Caribbean and beyond as much as we would.
I gain relief by watching warm weather movies. These films promote the illusion of warm weather and serve as a reminder of times to come.
In order to be included on the list, the location has to play a role. That location needs to be sunny and pleasant, which isn’t too hard to accomplish.
Additionally, to make the list they have to be good movies defined as ones I am willing to view repeatedly. This is much harder to accomplish.
In no particular order, this is my private reserve of movie titles.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Room with a View
Much Ado About Nothing
My House in Umbria
French Kiss
Enchanted April
Under the Tuscan Sun

Here is a list sent in by readers, again in no praticular order.

Stealing Beauty
Lawrence of Arabia
The Sheltering Sky
Thelma and Louise!
English Patient
Juliet of the Spirits
Black Stallion
Shirley Valentine

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