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title:How Much Cash Does James Bond Carry?

title:How Much Cash Does James Bond Carry?

author:Paul Kyriazi
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

First let’s start with how much cash Americans carry.

Under $ 20 ……. 32%
$ 21–$ 50 ……. 43%
$ 51–$100 ……. 18%
$101–$500 ……. 6%
$501–$999 ……. .6%
$1,000+ ………. .5%

So, if you want to be in the rare 6%, just carry over a hundred bucks in your money clip and wallet. But that’s not even enough to take care of a sudden overnight trip.
‘My name is Bond, James Bond. If you’ll wait for me to find an ATM machine, I’ll take you to dinner.’ Sound strange? That’s right. Bond would have the cash and credit cards in his wallet to do whatever he needed to do. But some places don’t take credit cards, or the right ones.
And what about emergency’s? Such as your car breaking down on a trip. You don’t want to have your family sitting in the car at midnight on a lonely road.
Many will say that they are worried about being robbed, so they don’t carry much cash. But anyone that’s been robbed will tell you that he was glad to give something to the robber. Robbers have said that they work up so much energy before they mug someone, that if the person has nothing to give them, they get very angry and violent.
On the lighter side, Wayne Newton told the story about a date he was on at Denny’s in New York and he didn’t have enough cash to pay the bill. So he kept telling the girl to order more and secretly called his brother to bring him some cash. It took an hour because it turned out that there were four Denny’s on that corner, all with three floors. Wayne’s brother had to search every one of them. So Wayne had to really sweat it out until his brother arrived with the face saving cash. This sound funny, but not when you’re in that situation yourself.
So now, How much cash does Bond carry? Enough to get any sudden job or entertainment done without checking to see if the place he’s going to takes credit cards.