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title:Taking in Australia’s Wine Country

title:Taking in Australia’s Wine Country

author:Josh Cheak
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

The Enchantment of Australia’s Wine Country

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about
Australia is usually not the wine. However, Australia has
some beautiful wine country with five distinct regions in
the state of South Australia. The wine is delicious, and
the scenery spectacular. And, in typical Australian
fashion, there is no reason to hurry through any of it.

In Adelaide Hills, you can enjoy the comforts and pace of
the country, yet be close enough to one of Australia’s major
cities, Adelaide, with all of its attractions. The
attractions of Adelaide Hills include plenty of vineyards to
tour and wine to taste. It is close to the state of Victoria
and you can even see some beautiful Victorian countryside.

Barossa. One of Australia’s best wine producing regions,
this valley is an absolute treat. Known throughout the world
as a premier wine producer, Barossa’s beauty and wine
producing capabilities have attracted many European
influences. Many of Barossa’s villages resemble those found
in Germany or England in terms of their architecture, tone
and tradition. You can relax and enjoy an afternoon sipping
local wine along with European specialties.

Clare Valley. Clare Valley boasts Australia’s Reisling
Trail. The trail is 27 kilometers long, and is considered a
very fine bike ride. Most of the areas 40 cellars are on
the route, and so you can stop and sample the local fare.
There are also plenty of restaurants and hostels along the
way, allowing you to complete the trail as quickly or as
slowly as you would like.

Fleurieu Peninsula. Stretching from just south of Adelaide
this peninsula continues down to Cape Jarvis. As you can
make out from its name, this peninsula has some French
influences, fine wines included. The highlight of the
peninsula is a beautiful wine-producing district called the
McLaren Vale with close to 60 cellars. The proprietors of
these cellars are known for encouraging tasting and treating
guests to their exemplary hospitality.

Limestone Coast bears the name because of the limestone that
forms this part of the Australian coast. The wine produced
in this region is of superior quality because of the rich
limestone foundation. Limestone causes the soil to decay and
it in turn breaks down into nutrients. The decaying process
also creates natural aeration, which is ideal for growing
vineyards. Limestone Coast is listed as a World Heritage
Site because of some of the world’s most acclaimed wines,
and its system of unique underground caves.

There are many ways to enjoy any or all of Australia’s
beautiful wine country. You can choose to travel by bike,
car, or even hot air balloon. Hot air balloons allow you to
get a bird’s eye view of the countryside. Many cellars allow
you to land in their vineyards and welcome you with a glass
of wine.

It is also enjoyable to bike ride through wine country.
Clare Valley is not the only bicycle friendly place. You
will find bike trails wherever you go. There is no doubt
that wine country in Australia has as much style as it has