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title:Group Leaders Travel FREE!

title:Group Leaders Travel FREE!

author:Mary Bradley McCauley
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

Travel by land
Travel by sea
Be a group Leader
And you travel FREE!

Are you a member of a group?
A reunion group?
High School?
An affinity group like :
Knights of Columbus!
American Legion!
Sons of Italy!

Are you retired?
Play golf / tennis?
In a bowling league/ football pool?

If you said yes to any one of these, or are a member of any group, you can become a ‘group leader and travel FREE!

Mary Ellen found a group at her book club discussion meeting. They had read Michner’s “Carribean”. While sipping wine after the discussion, one of the girl’s mentioned how she longed to take a Caribbean Cruise. Mary Ellen told her how her parents had raved about the cruise they had taken for their 45th wedding anniversary.

The more her parents had talked about the adventure, the more Mary Ellen wanted to go but knew it was beyond her financial situation at this time. Then she remembered her mother had metnioned that she’d met a woman on board who was cruising free because she got a group together from her retirement community. The woman had told her she only needed 15 people to go as a group and she could go free.

And so the idea was planted in Mary Ellen’s mind. She went to her parent’s travel agent, got information about the cruise, took it to the next book club meeting. Six months later, Mary Ellen, her husband, the book group and their husbands, plus assorted friends who signed up to go, were cruising out of Miami to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

Mary Ellen took a copy of one of Michner’s book with her on the cruise. This time it was, “South Pacific”. She wanted to get some ideas for her next free cruise