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title:Planning a Vegas Themed Wedding

title:Planning a Vegas Themed Wedding

author:Delroy Legaire
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:20

Vegas Themed Wedding Extravaganza

You can plan your Las Vegas theme wedding even if you can’t
actually get there. Who stops you from creating a themed
wedding extravaganza right where you are? All it takes is a
little shopping and a lot of imagination. And you can create
an evening, full of fun for all that come.

The Vegas theme invitation

The first step in wedding planning is the invitation.
Announce your intentions for a Vegas theme in the invitation
itself. Create an invitation that looks like a betting
ticket or a card that includes a few playing cards with the
invitation details. Your invitation card can even look like
something from one of the hotels or casinos.

The ceremony

How about decorating the venue of the wedding ceremony like
a Vegas chapel? That will provide the perfect backdrop for
the themed wedding ceremony. If you need more ideas you can
go online to see some of the chapels there. Otherwise, you
can just throw in a lot of bright colors and flashing lights
for a Vegas taste.

Try using the red and black of playing cards as the main
colors of the ceremony. It’s classy and not overdone. You
can be more flashy at the reception.

The Vegas theme reception

Here is where the Vegas theme can really be played to the
fullest extent. Start with casino flavored decorations.
You can spread poker chips and cards on the tables, or make
the tables a different hotel or casino name. Make the place
cards in the style of playing cards with the guests name in
the center.

To keep up with the theme, think of giving playing cards or
chocolate poker chips as favors to your guests.
Alternatively, you might want to give music compilations of
Vegas related music with the date and couple’s name on the

The Vegas style cake

Of course, you would like to have the wedding cake in true
Vegas style, shaped like a slot machine or a casino
blackjack table. Do a bit of research and collect a few
pictures of casinos. You will get many ideas to create a
unique and beautiful cake.

Theme music

Vegas music that is loud and boisterous will provide the
exact effect of a Vegas wedding. After all, you are
transporting the atmosphere of the city to your home, which
is best done with its characteristic music. If you don’t
like all the noise, you can have a lounge singer for the
real Vegas feel.

Have a karaoke contest and get everyone to be a lounge
singer for a while.

Last, but not the least, go to Las Vegas for your honeymoon
after a grand Vegas wedding, and enjoy the city without
having to bring everyone with you!